22 JULY 2020


Why JobSight? Ask Wood Partners


Host: Sarah Harris, Editor in Chief, AirMap

Guest: Greg Cashen, Regional Construction Manager, Wood Partners




Wood Partners is a leader in multi-family real estate development that builds for-rent market rate and workforce housing in 20 markets around the United States. Because the company’s projects and its employees are located all over the country, Regional Construction Manager Greg Cashen wanted a solution that could provide oversight and accountability across his region’s dispersed team. In this video, AirMap caught up with Greg Cashen to discuss how his team uses JobSight to keep projects on track.

Time-table of Contents:

  • Why JobSight? — 0:32
  • JobSight Benefits: “It Gives Us Better Information to Plan From” — 2:07
  • JobSight Benefits: Daily Oversight from Your Desk — 6:02
  • Planning + Executing JobSight Missions — 8:18
  • WFH? Keeping Projects on Track with JobSight — 10:11
  • JobSight Data: Capturing the Information You Need — 11:50

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