Airspace is complex, filled with distinct and dynamic data about nearby advisories, obstacles, and other aircraft. The AirMap UTM Dashboard visualizes this airspace and flight information for airspace managers to maintain situational awareness in a managed airspace environment.

But in busy airspace with a high volume of manned and unmanned aircraft operations, dashboards can start to look crowded, creating challenges for airspace managers working to keep the airspace safe.

With new Map View Filters for the AirMap UTM Dashboard, airspace managers can customize and set filters for the information they want to visualize on the dashboard, simplifying the airspace management experience. The AirMap UTM Dashboard starts at a default setting to show all current flights, at all altitudes, by all aircraft (MAVs and UAVs). Airspace managers can adjust these default settings to filter by:

  • Authorization status of UAVs: accepted, rejected, pending, and not required. However, only available for dashboard users with authorization capability.
  • Altitude of UAVs and MAVs: more than, less than, equal to, or a specific range.
  • Pilot details: full email, ends in, set of emails, first and/or last name.

Flight filters can be customized to the specific needs of individual airspace management staff, including air traffic controllers, UAV flight authorization coordinators, and auditors wanting to analyze flight activity within a defined airspace. Flight filters are also useful for national parks monitoring incoming and outgoing flights, high-security prison facilities, and more.

For example, an airspace authorization coordinator reviews and approves authorization requests made within 2 weeks of the planned flight. The coordinator sets his filters to view authorization requests that fit this criteria and approves or rejects according to his workflow:

  • UAV (and)
    • Drone Flights time set to “now” and the next 2 weeks.
    • All Drone flights with Authorization status: Pending
  • No MAV flights

What about an air traffic controller who manages live air traffic? Low-altitude airspace only allows drone operations up to 400 feet, so she adjusts flight filters to visualize air traffic to see traffic that fits the following criteria:

  • MAV flights less than or equal to 1000 feet
  • All UAV Flights with time “now” and scheduled start time in 30 minutes.

Emergency response commanders in charge of monitoring ongoing operations in an emergency region need to differentiate between operations by authorized personnel and civilian pilots. Filter by individual emails or groups of emails to toggle UAS flights pertaining to specific pilot groups.

airmap map view filters

The AirMap UTM Dashboard is simple, flexible, and powerful, designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of airspace environments. Used by ANSPs, airports, and emergency response command centers alike, the UTM Dashboard helps keep the skies safe.

Learn more information about the UTM Dashboard at or log into the AirMap UTM Dashboard to start filtering.