We’re happy to announce that AirMap’s UTM services have been selected by TopXGun to be integrated into the company’s industry-leading autopilot systems for drones.

TopXGun is a provider of the flying control system and unmanned vehicle industrial solutions. TopXGun’s solutions lead the industry in aerial photography, agriculture, logistics, surveying, mapping, and security, among others. The integration of AirMap airspace services into the TopXGun autopilot system will enhance the TopXGun user experience to enable TopXGun customers to operate safely, knowledgeably, and responsibly anywhere in the world.

TopXGun autopilot systems will include the following AirMap services and capabilities:

  • Geo-awareness with airspace advisories, weather data, and dynamic flight restrictions
  • Flight management, including flight planning tools and compliance briefings
  • Deconfliction with real-time telemetry and manned traffic alerts

“AirMap is the pioneer and industry leader in UTM, with excellent products and strong R&D support,” said Francesco Zhang, vice president at Shanghai TopXGun Robotics Co, Ltd. “Through our partnership, we are able to bring even more value to companies using drones for plant protection, surveillance, mapping, inspection, delivery and emergency services.”

“Every day TopXGun customers are engaged in mission-critical operations,” said Ben Marcus, AirMap co-founder and Chairman. “Now those flights will be safer and more compliant, supporting the rapid growth of the drone economy worldwide.”

The AirMap Developer Platform equips developers and drone manufacturers (OEMs) with easy-to-use APIs and SDKs for safe and intelligent drone flight. Services include global geo-awareness, flight planning, compliance briefings, digital airspace authorization, real-time alerts for manned and unmanned traffic nearby, and positioning date with real-time telemetry.

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