The Czech Republic: At the Vanguard of Drone Enablement

The Czech Republic is well on the way to enabling safe and secure access to low-altitude airspace. Czech businesses are already using drones to survey landfills, map drainage systems, inspect power lines, and keep the trains running on time, and regulators are working towards establishing fully integrated U-space services that will enable BVLOS and autonomous flights. The country’s SmartSky Project, a joint initiative of the Ministry of Transport, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic (ANS CR), Czech Technical University, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Alliance (UAVA), is the Czech Republic’s contribution to the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SJU) U-space initiative.

This case study highlights how the Czech Republic’s investment in drone infrastructure is already paying dividends.


  • Public and private sectors leverage of drones
  • How U-space enables efficient low-altitude operations
  • The SmartSky Project
  • How drones can benefit cadastral surveying
  • How drones can benefit agriculture and drainage systems
  • How drones benefit railway infrastructure
  • Drones potential in the energy sector
  • How drones are advancing volume measurement

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Case Study


16 September 2019

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