On September 14th, AirMap partnered with Switzerland’s skyguide for Europe’s first live demonstration of sophisticated U-space capabilities. Part of AirMap’s ever-growing global footprint, the demonstration represents an important step forward in our mission to open more airspace for commercial drones.

U-space is Europe’s vision for the digital infrastructure that will support safe, efficient, and secure access to European airspace for millions of drones. Much like the U.S. “Unmanned Traffic Management” initiative, U-space is a collaborative effort to enable situational awareness, data exchange, and digital communication for the drone ecosystem. (For more on U-space and its implementation in Europe, check out the U-space Blueprint.)

Together with skyguide and fellow team members SITAONAIR, senseFly, Intel, and PX4, AirMap provided critical U-space services (in technical terms: U1 and U2 services) during three live missions flown by senseFly and Intel® Aero Ready-to-Fly drones. The trial included:

• E-registration and e-identification;
• Integration with skyguide’s air traffic control radar system;
• Flight planning and dynamic situational awareness;
• Access to geo-information and geofencing before and during flight;
• Airspace authorization and flight management;
• Tracking and live telemetry;
• And other flight-critical services for drone operators and other airspace stakeholders.

Perhaps most importantly, the team showed that these services are ready to be deployed to serve live flights in Europe – an exciting prospect for Europe’s growing community of commercial drone operators.

AirMap is bringing complex UTM and U-space services to markets worldwide – including Japan, Australia, and Kansas – and we’re excited to see what the future holds for drone flight in Switzerland and Europe.

For more on the U-space demonstration, watch the demo in action here.

Featured images courtesy of skyguide.