Covid-19 has put our lives on hold, and while some places are beginning to re-open, it will likely be awhile before we travel widely again. But that doesn’t mean you can’t see the world. AirMap is excited to bring you this 360 map, which features immersive photos from around the world captured and uploaded by our users.

AirMap 360 offers an aerial view of some very beautiful places. You can explore misty mountain valleys in Ecuador, gaze over the rooftops of Tokyo, take in the lush green hills of New Zealand, and drink in the beauty at the Austrian alps.

Snow-covered peaks near Gaishorn am See, Austria

Missing the ocean? You can zoom over Norweigan fjords, visit a seaside village in Thailand, and marvel at the islands in the Sea of Crete.

With AirMap 360, you can bounce from continent to continent—no backpack or plane ticket required.

Striking seaside cliffs on the Greek island of Fira

So if you’re getting tired of the view of your living room from your kitchen, give our map a whirl. It’s a reminder that our world is big and beautiful, and when the pandemic is over, it will all be waiting.