AirMap’s Integration with Skyline Brings Cutting Edge 3D Visualization Tools to JobSight Users

23 October 2020

Skyline’s Photomesh and TerraExplorer for Web are now available to JobSight customers via a fully integrated experience, giving users access to state-of-the-art geospatial tools and 3D modeling capabilities. With JobSight + Skyline, our customers can:

Create High Fidelity Digital Twins of their Assets

Digital twins enable enterprises to compare as-built models to their original plans, which helps identify and resolve issues before they impact project progress, resulting in increased efficiencies, safer sites, and higher quality work. JobSight can now automatically send the orthomosaic map and oblique image series data to Skyline's Photomesh software to generate high-resolution and textured 3D mesh models.

Photomesh is optimized to process large data sets, and its advanced edge detection technology ensures 3D mesh models accurately represent the real world. These 3D models are automatically delivered back into the JobSight viewer, where users can take measurements and analyze progress.

IMAGE – Skyline converts drone imagery (left) into 3D models (right) for measurement and analysis.

Conduct Sophisticated Project Site Analysis Remotely

With Skyline’s TerraExplorer for Web embedded into JobSight, users have access to a lightweight, feature-rich 3D environment. TerraExplorer for Web ensures that users can conduct detailed, accurate analysis and take linear, volume, and area measurements with precision. Users also have access to more advanced features like slope and grade analysis, viewshed analysis and 3D change detection over time. Skyline’s Photomesh creates sharp, clean lines in users’ 3D mesh models, making it easy to identify vertices.

There’s no need to juggle multiple logins—users with JobSight permissions at the project level to automatically view and analyze Skyline’s 3D models. These capabilities deliver detailed insights and enable teams to conduct project site analysis from home, the field, or the office.

IMAGE – Our integration with Skyline enables JobSight users to create digital twins of their assets.

Enable Enhanced Workflows

Our partnership with Skyline also means that JobSight customers can upgrade to access Skyline’s advanced tool sets for 3D mesh models, pointclouds and raw data, including TerraExplorer for Desktop, where they can export their models and data to other tools and ensure easy sharing and compatibility across teams.

Our integration with Skyline gives JobSight users access to detailed insights so they can identify and resolve issues before they impact project progress. The result: increased efficiencies, safer sites, and higher quality work.

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