AirMap is taking flight in Europe! We’re excited to announce that we have partnered with skyguide, the Swiss air navigation service provider, to develop and deploy a national drone traffic management system for Switzerland.

This announcement comes on the heels of our 2017 U-space demonstration with skyguide, Europe’s most advanced and ambitious UTM trial to date. After a year of working and learning together, it’s clear that AirMap and skyguide are committed to the same vision: safely opening the skies for drones and drone commerce. Together, we’ll make it possible for more pilots, more drones, and more missions to take flight in Europe.

Switzerland is home to a thriving community of drone companies, including our manufacturer partner senseFly, maker of the Albris and eBee mapping drones. The country also hosts the world’s first autonomous drone delivery network, located in Zürich. Since 2013, drone flight requests at skyguide have multiplied tenfold.

We’re looking forward to supporting this growing ecosystem by building the infrastructure pilots need to safely, efficiently, and easily access the airspace. Swiss U-space will include sophisticated services for drones and others who share the airspace, including dynamic geofencing, instant digital airspace authorization, solutions for situational awareness, and more – powered by the AirMap UTM platform.

AirMap UTM is the most comprehensive and connected platform of its kind, reaching more than 85% of the world’s drones. AirMap UTM offers up-to-date airspace information for every country in the world, national airspace rules for more than 20 countries, and the largest network of drone operators, manufacturers, and airspace managers in the drone ecosystem.

Join the AirMap executive team at World ATM Congress in Madrid to learn more about Swiss U-space and how AirMap UTM can address today’s UTM and U-space challenges. Visit to schedule a meeting or live demo.