AirMap is taking flight in Singapore.

The Future Flight Consortium was selected to proceed with a two-year project to research and demonstrate Beyond-Visual-Line-Of-Sight (BVLOS) drone operations for a variety of commercial uses in Singapore.

As part of the Future Flight Consortium’s application, led by Garuda Robotics, AirMap will serve as the exclusive UTM provider for this project, in medical and laboratory deliveries, rapid security responses, and more.

“Our goal is to make it possible for any logistics company, any security company, or any enterprise who has the need to fly drones BVLOS in Singapore, to delight their customers using drones in a safe, economical and meaningful way,” said Ong Jiin Joo, Future Flight’s Project Director and CTO of Garuda Robotics.

The Future Flight Consortium, made up of SCDF Medical Battalion, Parkway Pantai, Security Industry Institute, Singtel, Arete-M, Gemalto, Flare Dynamics, Volans-i, Skyfront, University of Glasgow (Singapore), and Acorn International Network will test drone use cases for public welfare improvement. SCDF Medical Battalion will test aerial supply chain management for medical equipment. Parkway Pantai plans to improve the operational efficiency of blood sample deliveries between hospitals and laboratories. Security Industry Institute (SII) will test technologies to enable rapid response for emergency responders to their customers.

To successfully test the use cases outlined in their application, the Future Flight Consortium will use AirMap’s UTM platform for authorizing, coordinating, and monitoring large numbers of BVLOS unmanned flights. AirMap will deliver UTM services for each of the 3 use cases, with customized rulesets and advisories to enable situational awareness, flight submissions, authorizations, real-time telemetry tracking, and enable strategic and tactical deconfliction.

“AirMap is proud to be the UTM provider for the Future Flight Consortium and bring our experience in global UTM deployments to Singapore’s growing drone economy,” said Ben Marcus, AirMap co-founder and Chairman.

AirMap is already successfully powering similar BVLOS flights in Switzerland for medical supply delivery and across the United States through the UAS Integration Pilot Program. Learn more at about AirMap’s essential UTM services at

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