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Security You Can Trust

UAS operators, manufacturers, developers, and airspace managers expect to have trusted, reliable, and accurate information. We generally do not like to expose too much about our security practices because it only helps attackers. But we realize security is important to you, so we’ve decided to post some high-level information about how important security is to AirMap.

AirMap employs a wide range of security controls in order to mitigate the risk of vulnerabilities. A few of the security controls in place are a 24/7 Security Operations Center which includes an Intrusion Detection System, Log Analysis, and a Web Application Firewall; Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessments, Content Delivery Network, and Data Security Controls.

No security controls are perfect, that is why we have a layered defense strategy. We are prepared to detect, respond, and recover as outlined in NIST’s Cybersecurity framework.

Please also read our Responsible Disclosure Policy.

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