In March, AirMap partnered with Rakuten to form a joint venture to bring unmanned traffic management to Japan: Rakuten AirMap. Today, we’re excited to announce that Rakuten AirMap has launched the AirMap platform in Japan, including our solutions for airspace management and authorization.

AirMap’s Airspace Management Dashboard, developer APIs, and iOS and Android apps are all now available in Japanese language and with Japan’s most comprehensive suite of airspace intelligence for situational awareness and flight planning, including:

  • National drone rules from the Civil Aviation Bureau and National Police Agency;
  • Prohibited, restricted, and danger areas;
  • Densely inhabited districts;
  • NOTAMs, which alert pilots to temporary or time-sensitive restrictions, such as sporting events;
  • Wind and weather; and
  • Locations of airports and heliports, schools, hospitals, prisons, power plants, nuclear facilities, sports stadiums, and public buildings.

The Airspace Management Dashboard available from Rakuten AirMap brings digital airspace authorization capabilities, first deployed in the U.S. for the LAANC program, to Japan. With the AMD, Japanese airspace managers can set and adjust airspace boundaries and requirements, view and approve drone flight plans, and communicate directly with drone operators via SMS.

Chiba City is the first city in Japan to deploy the Airspace Management Dashboard from Rakuten AirMap. Designated as a National Strategic Special Zone for developing delivery drones, Chiba City is home to substantial drone investment, manufacturing, and research. Chiba City has established three drone test sites to support the development of technology solutions for drone delivery and other complex use cases. Beginning today, drone innovators who wish to fly at these test sites can register and receive authorization from Chiba City with the AirMap mobile apps.

AirMap is proud to power Japan’s drone ecosystem, and to partner with Rakuten to open more airspace for drones.

For more information please visit the official Rakuten AirMap website: Japanese | English