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A higher level of protection for public safety agencies.

AirBoss for public safety gives authorities real-time insight, imagery, and intelligence to review any critical situation. From inspecting damage from a natural disaster to conducting a search-and-rescue mission, AirBoss has you covered.

Situational Awareness That Soars

By providing real-time visual insights from above, AirBoss enables public safety agencies to gather critical ISR and make better decisions, faster. 

AirBoss for public safety is a game-changer in helping responders protect their own people, and the general public, in potentially hazardous situations.

Create opportunities from thin air

Our customers can now seamlessly understand if there are any restrictions in the airspace within the Kespry application, and have access to more accurate data related to weather, flight restrictions, and fly more confidently knowing that they are complying with the regulations.”

Jitender Aswani VP Product & Analytics, Kespry
Smart response options Get Started

Get full Situational Awareness of the Situation.

React Faster

Gain complete situational awareness and insights to enable teams to conduct complicated planning in the moment, while reducing the cognitive burden on the operator.

Decrease Risk

Access to real-time operational data empowers teams to conduct surveillance, respond to threats, and execute search and rescue missions while mitigating risk.

Make Informed Decisions

AirBoss gives authorities fast and accurate object detection thanks to its deep learning capabilities. This enables rapid response in changing environments even where there is poor network connectivity.

Preserve and Restore Public Safety

AirBoss provides flight planning, flight automation, image aggregation and analysis for authorities, delivering immediate intelligence allowing them to make better and faster decisions during a live incident.


AirBoss integrates with all Blue UAS drones including Skydio, Parrot, Teal, Vantage, and Altavian.

ATAK Integration

With ATAK integration, AirBoss communicates across different agencies to improve operations and communication in mission planning and execution.

Edge Processing

AirBoss uses LAN networking and edge processing technology so it can function fully off the grid for covert missions. Gather the intelligence you need in stealth mode.

Mission Planning

AirBoss’s algorithm and AI capability considers no-fly zones, terrain, stealth maximization, and flight efficiency to optimize flight paths and keep drones operational longer.

Multi-Drone Use

AirBoss can plan, fly, and analyze multi-drone operations so operators can run multiple flights and receive aggregated data intelligence through a single interface.

Intelligent Imaging

Capture 2D and 3D images from drones that are transmitted to the operator screen in near real-time to make fast and informed decisions. Augmented with AI, AirBoss distills the key information to inform your mission planning.

AirBoss For Public Safety

How much training is required to utilize AirBoss in the field?

With only an hour of training, personnel can successfully use AirBoss to plan, fly, and analyze a UAS operation.

Can you use AirBoss for ISR operations at night?

Yes. As long as the drone is IR LED capable, AirBoss can integrate images with thermal scans to produce high-quality 2D and 3D visuals.

Does it require proprietary hardware to operate?

No. AirBoss is iOS, Android, and web compatible. It uses MAVLink communication to integrate with any Blue UAS approved drone.

Can you use AirBoss for multi-drone ISR operations?

Yes. AirBoss has multi-drone functionality so operators can cover more ground and still analyze one 2D or 3D image for better decision making.


Protect the lives of your responders and the public with AirBoss.

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