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Execute smarter missions with AirMap DataLab for military.

AirMap DataLab is an easy-to-use platform that provides real-time airspace data via a suite of comprehensive UAS APIs. Use DataLab to innovate applications and products that operate more efficiently wherever your mission takes you.

Airspace Data Designed for Intelligence

AirMap’s DataLab simplifies complex datasets into an easy-to-use format. 

Military engineers can use our broad array of reliable and frequently updated UAS data APIs to help your missions operate safely and efficiently in high-stress situations and remote terrain.

Create opportunities from thin air

Our customers can now seamlessly understand if there are any restrictions in the airspace within the Kespry application, and have access to more accurate data related to weather, flight restrictions, and fly more confidently knowing that they are complying with the regulations.”

Jitender Aswani VP Product & Analytics, Kespry
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Military Applications of DataLab

A curated suite of APIs

Our suite of 12 comprehensive UAS data APIs includes contextual airspace rules and advisories, elevation data, weather conditions and more. We also ensure secure flight data exchange.

Real-time and reliable data

Our global airspace data and rulesets include 70+ static and dynamic sources, including weather management APIs for drones and real-time manned traffic alert capabilities.

Simplify operations

SDKs are available for iOS, Android & web (JavaScript). We also have a robust developer documentation hub with quick-start guides and references, and a dedicated support team.

Build airspace intelligence into your missions

Develop leading-edge products that leverage our airspace data APIs to enhance your airspace applications for more strategic military and defense operations.


Provide visibility into airspace flight conditions with APIs for maps, weather, airspace, elevation and rulesets to provide your app users with complete situational awareness.


Use planning APIs to allow users to create flight plans, submit briefings, receive authorizations for compliance and create pilot profiles and registrations.


Use accurate and robust airspace intelligence APIs that can query flight information, maintain real-time positioning, receive traffic alerts and download telemetry to help UAS pilots fly safer.

AirMap DataLab

What APIs do you have available?

We have twelve APIs that cover all the flight planning tools you need to discover airspace, plan fights and fly drones: maps, weather, airspace, elevation, rulesets, flight plans, aircraft, pilots, flight, telemetry, traffic alerts and telemetry downloads.

How can I try it out?

Start with a free trial by requesting a demo. Create a developer account and you’ll get an API key along with all the guides you need to get started, including detailed instructions to utilize contextual airspace, maps, advisories and authentications.

Is there any downtime?

We provide a reliable and low-latency system to provide a high volume of data messages with minimal delay, ensuring you have dependable, real-time access to rapidly changing data.

Where can I get help?

Check out devel​op​ers​.airmap​.com for all the documentation you need to get started and build apps. You can also email us at developers@​airmap.​com or check sta​tus​.airmap​.com to see if there are any known issues.


Heighten Your Mission

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