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Eyes in the skies for boots on the ground.

Optimize your mission and troop safety with intelligent military drone flight planning and management software from AirMap.

Get full situational awareness with AirMap’s airspace tools.

Keep troops safe and plan missions more effectively with AirMap for the military. Optimize flight planning, monitor airspace for hostile UAV traffic, create rulesets for sensitive locations, and use our industry-leading UAS ISR system to get real-time 3D imagery direct from the field to inform critical decision making. Our military airspace tools are easy to deploy and save lives.

Gain Control Over Any Situation.

We help the military gain rich situational awareness and make life-saving decisions quickly, offering a higher level of protection for a range of situations. 

Our UAS ISR systems can monitor UAS traffic, secure airspace over sensitive locations, and equip deployed soldiers with the best visual intelligence and real-time insights to make informed, independent decisions while offline in the field.


Minutes to launch a mission


Missions safely enabled/​yr

Reduce risk to soldiers and civilians with easy to deploy airspace tools. Improve your ISR and equip soldiers with real-time intel that informs critical decision making.


AirBoss provides a secure, Blue UAS-approved platform to enhance your ISR missions. Streamline mission planning, flight operations, and instant intelligence gathering through a single interface. Enable squads to make faster decisions with AirBoss for Military.


UTM Lite helps squads to plan and coordinate drone missions as well as visualize airspace in real-time. Manage and monitor your airspace to gain a tactical advantage with the leading UAS traffic management system.


AirMap DataLab is an easy-to-use platform that provides real-time data via a suite of comprehensive UAS data APIs. Use DataLab for Military to innovate applications and products that operate more efficiently wherever your mission takes you.

Features & Benefits

How does AirMap’s military drone software work?

We integrate with military-approved Blue UAS controllers to perform instant visualizations. AirBoss renders video, stills and thermal data into 2D and 3D models to provide powerful insight and effective tactical planning.

How easy is it to use the software?

Our military-grade products are built and enriched from a QGC base. With just a few taps, authorized personnel can optimize and automate UAS flights using Mission Planner technology with minimal logistical and cognitive stress.

Can you use AirBoss for multi-drone ISR operations?

Yes. AirBoss has multi-drone functionality so operators can survey more ground and receive intelligence from all drones via a single 2D or 3D image for better decision making.

How can we optimize AirMap’s software for our needs?

We’ll work with you to identify exactly what UAS ISR products and processes you need. You can customize the platform as you require, and we’ll be there to every step of the way to help.

Create opportunities from thin air

Our customers can now seamlessly understand if there are any restrictions in the airspace within the Kespry application, and have access to more accurate data related to weather, flight restrictions, and fly more confidently knowing that they are complying with the regulations.”

Jitender Aswani VP Product & Analytics, Kespry
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Using APIs to deliver a self-serve, end-to-end solution that enables heavy industry drone operators to fly compliant and safely navigate difficult terrain.


See how our industry-leading airspace innovations help the military.

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