This month, we’re bringing you two exciting new features in the AirMap for Drones Web App for a richer user experience and easier, more precise flight planning in your next drone mission.

Moreover, the FAA LAANC program has expanded to 109 contract towers across the United States. Read below to see if your nearest airport is included.

Drag & Drop Flight Planning
Last month, we released a feature that enables any drone operator to duplicate a past flight plan in the AirMap for Drones Web App. The ability to duplicate a flight plan feature is important for drone operations that measure or observe changes over time, like a routine utilities inspection.

But what about sharing a flight plan across multiple operators? Or just planning a flight path to precise location specifications?

With our new Drag & Drop Flight Planning feature, drone operators can upload a geometry object in JSON or GeoJSON format from the flight planning view in the Web App and then adjust flight plan specifications accordingly. Log in at to try it out.

LAANC Expansion to Contract Towers
Commercial drone operators can get near-instant access to fly in U.S. controlled airspace by requesting authorization through the FAA’s LAANC program. As a UAS Service Supplier (USS) for LAANC, AirMap makes it easy to request automated and manual authorization through the AirMap for Drones mobile and web apps, as well as our AirMap LAANC Deep Linking partner applications.

More than 550 ATC facilities are now LAANC-enabled. Check our official list to find the facility nearest to you.

Notice of Authorization Downloadable PDFs
The AirMap for Drones mobile application already offers the ability to download a Notice of Authorization to demonstrate LAANC compliance. Now, this same feature is available in the Web App.

Each Notice of Authorization includes pilot information, issue date, flight plan details, and a list of Part 107 operating rules pertaining to the flight plan. Use your Notice of Authorization to prove compliance with operating rules and to unlock drone geofences near airports.

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