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Enhance every phase of flight with situational awareness, flight planning, and authorization services purpose-built for UAS operators on Web, iOS, and Android.

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Discover Everything You Need to Know About Your Airspace Environment

Visualize real-time airspace information, including official aeronautical data, regulations, dynamic restrictions, weather, and ground obstructions, on an easy-to-use digital map. With Contextual Airspace, AirMap displays only the airspace information and rules that are relevant to your mission.

  • View authoritative airspace advisories, notifications, and regulations pertaining to your mission, aircraft, and certification.
  • Log in to search your intended flight location and select the set of regulations that applies to your aircraft, operator certificate and flight scenario.


Plan a Safe, Efficient, and Compliant Flight Route with Confidence

Plan a flight to receive a full analysis of how your operation may be impacted by airspace regulations, advisories, weather conditions, and more. Our in-app compliance briefing informs operators of rules they are following or may be violating for each flight plan.

  • Plan your UAS operation with easy-to-use flight path drawing tools or upload a JSON file.
  • Adjust flight plan features like start time, duration, geometry, and max altitude, and confirm safety conditions such as visibility, max speed, and aircraft weight.


Get Near-Instant Approval to Fly in Controlled Traffic Regions (CTRs)

Submit your flight plan to the AirMap UTM Platform to request digital authorization from airspace authorities to fly in controlled airspace, where available. AirMap is an FAA-approved provider of Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC) in the U.S. and provides similar access to authorization services in other countries.

  • Receive near-instant authorization from participating ATC facilities for flight plans taking place within pre-approved zones and altitudes in controlled airspace.
  • Request hassle-free authorization in the AirMap app for flight plans outside of pre-approved zones and altitudes, which may require manual review.
  • Download and share proof of authorization with authorities and management as proof of operational compliance.


Maintain Situational Awareness and Adapt to In-Flight Changes

Once your flight plan is approved, you’re ready for take-off. AirMap provides audio and visual alerts about nearby manned and UAS traffic. Receive traffic notifications and alerts when changes in airspace conditions present a safety hazard for your UAS operation.

  • Opt in to UAS telemetry sharing and geofencing alerts to receive live updates about nearby traffic or when your flight telemetry shows non-conformance to your flight plan.
  • Observe up-to-date changes in airspace conditions, including NOTAMS and advisories.

Frequently Asked Questions

AirMap reserves the right to wind down the service with 1 month notice after the initial 6-month term. AirMap may offer to renew the trial* or propose an upgrade. AirMap also reserves the right to migrate users to an updated version of the application within the 6-month time frame.

*Emergency response, public safety, and other public service use cases are eligible to receive free access to AirMap solutions longer-term and/or indefinitely.

AirMap-integrated Solution Partners are third-party companies that maintain an integration with the AirMap platform. UAS operations by companies that have integrated AirMap’s telemetry services can be visualized and monitored live on the AirMap UAS Traffic Viewer, AirMap UAS Traffic Viewer PRO, and UTM Center without the need for additional development work. Refer to our complete list of Solutions Providers at

AirMap for Drones flight planner application, which makes it easy for UAS operators in the field to plan and share flight plans for visibility on the UAS Traffic Viewer.

Hangar Capture Application, which allows for the capture of autonomous, high-resolution 360-degree photos to obtain complete situational analysis of an area of interest.

Hangar World, which enables planning and viewing of 360 photo captures by UAS operation teams.

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