As more and more drones are in the air, it has become increasingly important to have accessible insurance coverage for flights.

That’s why AirMap and REIN’s, a digital drone insurance portal, have collaborated to offer smart, easy access to drone insurance to commercial drone pilots and businesses. The relationship allows drone operators to access’s coverage offerings seamlessly from the AirMap for Drones mobile application on iOS and Android as part of their pre-flight planning workflow. With on-demand, paperless drone flight coverage, pilots can get the protection they need, right when they need it.

“For operators, finding a drone-specific insurance policy geared toward commercial jobs has been difficult,” REIN’s COO & Co-Founder Jason Griswold. “Now that offers coverages to fill that unmet need in the industry, we want them to be easily accessible within users existing touch points, and this collaboration with AirMap enables that. Together, we hope this simple in-app offering will enhance and protect operators’ businesses and flying experiences.”

The coverage offered through’s is available in a variety of combinations that let operators build a custom coverage plan. For more details on coverage options, check out After drone operators have set up an account and policy with, they can add coverage for planned flights right from within the AirMap app.

“We bring an integrated discover, connect, fly experience to our app users. Extending this with’s easy-to-use on-demand insurance further enables and promotes safe and informed drone operation,” said Ben Marcus, AirMap co-founder and Chairman. “Paired with our leading airspace management platform, AirMap users will get a lot of value from streamlined and easy-to-understand drone insurance.”

When it comes to on-demand drone insurance in minutes, AirMap and have you covered. Download the AirMap for Drones mobile app on iOS or Android to get insurance with a touch of a button. is available in the United States, except in New York, Kentucky, West Virginia, Illinois, and Minnesota.

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