New LAANC Features & Capabilities

5 October 2020

We’re excited to announce several updates for commercial and recreational UAS operators using AirMap for Drones in the U.S. to request Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC). These updates make it easy for operators to ensure that they’re following all FAA regulations and conducting safe operations in controlled airspace.

Review Your Authorization Requests in Your Flight Briefing

Once you’ve planned a flight that overlaps with a LAANC-enabled controlled airspace region, the AirMap for Drones flight briefing will include a recap of any authorizations, rules, and advisories relevant to your flight plan.

In the flight briefing, we’ve created a new section that surfaces LAANC-related advisory notices specific to your flight plan, including how weather may affect your flight and rules about operations during civil twilight.

The “Authorization Requests” section of the briefing also displays the portion of your flight plan that requires authorization so that you know exactly which part of your flight path is impacted by authorization requirements. What is more, only the portion of the flight plan that needs authorization will be sent to the FAA for a LAANC request.

Beyond making it easier than ever to ensure that your flight plan follows FAA regulations, these enhancements provide operators with transparency regarding data privacy.

Scheduled Airspace for Dynamic CTRs

Some airspace regions change from controlled to uncontrolled according to the official FAA schedule. The AirMap for Drones application now reflects this information thanks to our scheduled airspace capability, which takes into account controlled airspace schedules when showing whether LAANC authorization is needed. This update ensures that UAS operators can see the most accurate operating picture and plan their flights according to scheduled airspace information.

New Data: Part-Time NSUFRs

Finally, we’ve updated our database to include part-time National Security UAS Flight Restrictions. Part-time NSUFRs represent temporary flight restrictions that apply to UAS operations only. These areas are considered no-fly zones for UAS operations during the days and times in which they are active. Third-party applications powered by AirMap developer APIs will also display NSUFRs with this update.

Powering Your LAANC Requests

In August 2020, the FAA approved more than 27,000 LAANC requests for UAS flights in CTRs. We are proud to announce that AirMap is still the preferred platform for LAANC, powering more LAANC requests than any other UAS Service Supplier (USS). That’s thanks to the continued support of our community of pilots.

Learn all about requesting LAANC with AirMap in our webinars for Recreational and Part 107 operators.

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If you have any feedback about how we can make it easier, safer, and better to fly UAS in the U.S. and around the world, we want to hear from you. Get in touch at feedback@airmap.com and plan your next flight with AirMap on the web, iOS, or Android.