Airspace is complex, with dynamic airspace advisories and conditions that impact the safety and compliance of each drone operation. Drone operators need intelligent tools to help monitor conformance in ever-changing airspace environments.

Last fall, we announced Real-time Geofencing Alerts for the AirMap for Drones mobile app. Real-time Geofencing Alerts notify operators when they are approaching, on the edge of, or intersecting any airspace geometry in which drone flight is regulated or restricted, like in controlled airspace.

But what about when a drone begins to veer off course, deviating from its planned flight path and posing a safety risk? Real-time flight assistance for drone operators is possible on AirMap’s airspace intelligence platform.

Introducing Real-time Geocaging Alerts
Today, we’re excited to announce Real-time Geocaging Alerts on the AirMap for Drones mobile app for iOS and Android.

With Real-time Geocaging Alerts, AirMap notifies the drone operator when a drone flight deviates (or is about to deviate) from its flight plan, with estimated distance and time based on the drone’s real-time speed and positioning information.

Just like Geofencing Alerts, Geocaging Alerts are both visual and auditory notifications. The difference is that Geofencing Alerts assist operators with conformance to airspace advisories and rules while Geocaging Alerts assist operators with conformance to a planned flight path.

Geofencing Alerts and Geocaging Alerts are available today in the AirMap for Drones mobile application on iOS and Android for operators of DJI drones with the AirMap for Drones fly mode.

The AirMap for Drones mobile application makes it easy to learn about any airspace environment, plan a flight in accordance with regulations, and maintain awareness of nearby aircraft while in-flight, anywhere in the world.

AirMap’s flight assistance and conformance monitoring capabilities enhances airspace and operator situational awareness, making AirMap the safest way to fly your drone.

Other Usability Updates
Version 2.5.2 of the AirMap for Drones mobile app also includes front and backend improvements to usability performance. Notably, operators now have direct access from the app to the AirMap status page for real-time status updates related to uptime and platform performance.