Today, AirMap helps millions of drones navigate the skies safely and efficiently, accelerating the pace of innovation for the entire industry.

This is thanks in large part to a dedicated team of highly skilled engineers with unparalleled breadth and depth in best-in-class technology stacks and experience in aviation, security, mapping, data, and more.

In less than two years from AirMap’s founding, the AirCrew has grown to over forty people. This week, we get to know six of the software engineers making drones part of everyday life.

Carlos Corral, Software Engineer
Carlos specializes in front-end web development for AirMap, from applications to libraries. Prior to AirMap, he worked at Teleflora overseeing the development of web products and experiences for thousands of florists, an e-commerce platform and several internal marketing tools.

Why AirMap? “I was lured by the team and tech stack. AirMap has a group of diverse and extremely talented individuals. Everyday is a learning experience technically, interpersonally, and professionally. From a technology perspective, we are leveraging the best tools out there to deliver a world-class product to the world.”

When he’s not geeking out over Javascript, Carlos geeks out over coffee. “My next adventure in coffee is roasting. I have already started planning out a web application to help me manage my roasts.”

Vinodhini Ravikumar, Security Engineer
Vino is AirMap’s resident white hat hacker, responsible for designing and implementing the best strategies to protect AirMap’s networking assets from unauthorized access. Prior to AirMap, Vino worked as a Network Security Engineer at Cisco, specifically working on next-gen product security feature automation.

What brought her to AirMap? “Drones, Drones, and Drones. I never get bored with the influx of new technologies.”

An avid techie and self-professed foodie, Vino admits: “My ideal meal would involve kimchi behind a virtual firewall.”

Zhen Tao, Software Engineer
Zhen is responsible for building the AirMap platform APIs that are used by hundreds of developers and over 125 airports. Prior to AirMap, Zhen worked at Evite, where he dramatically improved their search functionality for online invitations templates.

“What attracted me to AirMap is the vision AirMap has that drones will be a part of our daily life. As someone who spends three hours commuting daily, nothing sounds better than getting to work in flying drones.”

When not at AirMap, Zhen spends time with his cats JJ, OJ and Boo.

Meredith Underell, Software Engineer
Meredith does front-end development for the Digital Notice and Awareness System and internal tools. A self-taught coder, Meredith jumpstarted her software engineering career by taking classes to build her technical skills. “I’m a big believer in guided in-person workshops and online courses. I helped shape the Vancouver Ladies Learning Code chapter by offering regular workshops to those who wanted to learn how to code in a social and collaborative way.”

In AirMap, she found another exciting challenge: “AirMap is a leader in an emerging space where there are a lot of unknowns, and I wanted to be a part of that.”

Another unknown? A native Canadian, Meredith is new to California, though she hasn’t yet traded in her snowboard for a surfboard.

Adolfo Martinelli, Software Engineer
Adolfo works on the mobile team architecting, designing, and prototyping core features of AirMap’s apps and SDKs, including the flight drawing tools, coding primarily in Swift.

In his pre-AirMap life, Adolfo spent 15 years working in color-correction at top post-production houses. He transitioned into software development when workflow challenges and inefficiencies in post inspired him to develop his own software as a solution. It was the team and the prospect of being at the forefront of a nascent industry with immense possibility that brought him to AirMap.

A private pilot, Adolfo admits that his favorite thing about unmanned aviation is: “the fuel economy.”

Charlie Cahoon, Lead Engineer
Charlie (not pictured) oversees AirMap platform architecture, including API design, data migrations, technical debt reduction, and product prototyping.

Charlie was AirMap’s fifth employee, which was quite a change after spending a decade at Symantec. “When I was interviewing there were only five of us. Don’t get me wrong, that was awesome, but we’ve built quite the team since then.”

Why AirMap? “AirMap is a company with a purpose. Why wouldn’t I want to work on something that has the potential to impact our lives so fundamentally?


Featured image (left to right): Carlos Corral, Vinodhini Ravikumar, Zhen Tao, Meredith Underell, Adolfo Martinelli