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AirMap for Drones takes your business higher.

Flight setup and planning used to be cumbersome, but we’ve removed the complexity of flying with the AirMap for Drones app. Increase productivity, save on operating costs, and be compliant with the most comprehensive UAS authorization service in the world.

The Intelligent App for Commercial Drone Flight Planning

AirMap for Drones is an app that helps drone operators plan flights and request airspace authorizations for operations in controlled airspace. 

It’s easy to use, enabling you to spend less time ticking boxes and more time being productive in the air. 

Create opportunities from thin air

Our customers can now seamlessly understand if there are any restrictions in the airspace within the Kespry application, and have access to more accurate data related to weather, flight restrictions, and fly more confidently knowing that they are complying with the regulations.”

Jitender Aswani VP Product & Analytics, Kespry
Grow your Business.

Speed, Accuracy & Convenience in your Hands.

Authorized Compliance

Understand the regulations governing your flight, receive automated approvals and PDF proofs of compliance, and get contextual airspace notifications to stay on course.

Avoid Hazards

View flight zones to identify restrictions and obstructions and receive real-time notifications of flight conformance and aerial hazards with live traffic alerts.

Improve Efficiency

With a user-friendly interface you can easily draw flight paths or upload a JSON file to determine your flight. The app allows you to adjust flight start time and duration, and set maximum altitude and speed.

Business Opportunities on the Fly

Accomplish complex operations in authorized airspace with ease. We take care of making sure you are compliant so you can take care of business.

Operating Under Part 107

Understand and comply with Part 107. We make it easy to understand the flight rules.

Airspace Authorizations through LAANC

Receive near real-time airspace authorizations through LAANC. We also email you a PDF as proof of approval.

FAA-Approved UAS Service Provider of LAANC

AirMap for Drones is an FAA-approved UAS Service Provider of the Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability.


Receive instant audio and visual alerts for nearby manned and unmanned traffic to keep your drones safe and your business flying.


Get notified of global flight restrictions, NOTAMs & critical infrastructure updates to be aware of when the rules have changed that may impact when and where you fly.

Universal Access

AirMap for Drones is available on iOS and Android (in 15 languages) and Web interfaces, allowing you to easily plan and obtain approval for your flights.

AirMap for Drones

What can I do with the app?

You can achieve maximum flight safety and efficiency, create and adjust flight plans for legal compliance, and conduct safe flights with instant traffic and airspace updates.

What is the compliance process?

In most cases you can obtain instant approval via the app. When your flight is authorized, you’ll receive a PDF certificate to ensure that the correct requirements have been met to keep your license in good standing.

How easy is it to use?

It is the most interactive and intuitive commercial drone flight planning app available on the market today. We walk you through each step of planning and executing a flight to ensure the best user experience.

Are you the biggest LAANC approver?

We’re the top LAANC service provider in the United States for both recreational pilots and commercial operators requiring Part 107 operations approval. Almost 50% of all flight requests across the US are approved via AirMap.


Use intelligent airspace tools to manage flights, fleets, and operators.

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