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Create safe airspace with UTM Lite for airports.

The leading UTM system that regional and local airports trust to visualize airspace in real time and coordinate drone operations. Monitor and manage UAS traffic with UTM Lite for airports to reach the highest standards of safety and compliance.

Get Ultimate Control of your Airspace

Local airports use UTM Lite to solve drone traffic management challenges, and in turn, create time and cost-saving efficiencies. 

The unified view of airspace traffic is complemented by automated workflows and intelligent flight-approval logic.

Create opportunities from thin air

Our customers can now seamlessly understand if there are any restrictions in the airspace within the Kespry application, and have access to more accurate data related to weather, flight restrictions, and fly more confidently knowing that they are complying with the regulations.”

Jitender Aswani VP Product & Analytics, Kespry
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Manage all Flights at all Altitudes.

Enhance Situational Awareness

Have real-time visibility of drone air traffic, publish specific airspace rules, view aeronautical data and digitized rulesets, and manage no-fly zones for safer operations.

Streamline Operations, Communications & Approvals

Streamline flight authorizations and communicate with pilots using real-time messaging.

Improve Safety & Response Times

Visualizing unmanned traffic allows you to see and manage what’s in the airspace. With live traffic monitoring you can react in near time and avoid accidents.

The leading UTM system for efficient airports

Local and regional airports safely manage drone traffic with flight visualization and approvals to reduce complexity, save time and lower costs.


Use the comprehensive airspace data and digitized rulesets that power our dashboard to avoid incidents and monitor what’s in your airspace.


UTM Lite’s automated approval workflow saves time and provides real-time communications and authorizations to UAS operators.


Create safer skies with live traffic monitoring to manage flight operations and respond to hazards and unauthorized flights.


See the big picture of UAS air traffic by viewing historical, active and planned UAS flights with one-click visualization and real-time telemetry sharing.


Receive compliance alerts for unknown or unexpected aircrafts, populated by manned flights from FlightAware and approved flights from AirMap for Drones.


We provide online and in-person on-boarding and a dedicated customer success team for seamless integration into your workflow.

UTM Lite for Airports

Are onboarding and training included for air traffic controllers?

Yes. UTM Lite includes plug-and-play” UAS onboarding with AirMap-integrated Solution Partners for maximum success.

How reliable is UTM Lite?

The UTM Lite dashboard is frequently updated with accurate data and rulesets supplied from AirMap DataLab, and populated by manned flights from FlightAware and approved flights from AirMap for Drones.

How are local airports using UTM Lite?

Airports use our dashboard to monitor and maintain the safety of low-altitude airspace and mitigate risk to aircrafts by drones, providing safer and more reliable operations while saving time and money.

Does it require proprietary hardware to operate?

No. UTM Lite is web-based and can be accessed through phone, tablets, and computers.


Optimize UAS traffic management with
intelligent airspace tools.

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