Dear Pilot,

Tomorrow will mark exactly one year since we brought near-instant digital authorization in U.S. controlled airspace to commercial drone operators so they could fly more missions and build their businesses.

Since that day, we’ve opened up almost 50,000 square miles of airspace at over 475 airports across all 50 U.S. states to power over 28,000 authorization requests on the AirMap platform. Hundreds of you have told us how LAANC has helped you tell breaking news stories, assess property damage, and respond to natural and manmade emergencies in your communities.

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With your feedback, we’ve learned a lot about how to build the best UTM experience for remote pilots and airspace authorities alike. As we look back on a year of LAANC, here are a few accomplishments worth celebrating:

AirMap is the #1 LAANC provider.
AirMap powers more LAANC authorizations than any other provider. Drone operators trust AirMap to access the airspace when they need it, whether out in the field or planning ahead. Operators also count on us for critical status updates, outage reports, and 24/7 customer support.

AirMap partner applications are LAANC-enabled.
LAANC isn’t only available via the AirMap for Drones mobile application. Operators can also access LAANC services through many partner applications that offer LAANC Deep-Linking, powered by AirMap. This includes: 3DR, Betterview, Converge, DroneUp, DroneBase, DroneDeploy, Measure, and We’ve heard many of our developers request access to LAANC capabilities through our API. This requires new rules and procedures from the FAA and we are actively working to bring solutions that work for AirMap and other UAS Service Suppliers as soon as possible.

Airspace authorization is available around the world.
When you choose to fly with AirMap, your flight is powered by the same platform that enables authorization and notification services in the U.S., Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Authorization and notification are critically important in opening up more airspace for drone operators around the world by providing easy, reliable, and authorized access to airspace. In this way, LAANC is only part of the complete AirMap UTM Platform.

We built the world’s leading UTM platform.
In the last 365 days, we launched more than just LAANC. We also delivered the best situational awareness experience for operations in any airspace environment, with global airspace advisories, weather, regulatory requirements, and nearby traffic, in your native language. We made this part of an entire UTM platform that connects the drone ecosystem to airspace authorities for safer flights. And we’ve deployed the AirMap UTM Platform in countries all over the world to bolster thriving drone economies.

It’s exciting progress, but we’re still at the beginning. Building the infrastructure to support millions of increasingly complex drone flights requires vision, commitment, focus, and expertise.

AirMap is invested in your success as part of the drone industry. Thank you for trusting us to be your preferred LAANC provider and your partner in accessing and using the airspace safely for drones.


Ben Marcus
Chairman and Cofounder