It’s Official: Nationwide Expansion of LAANC to 500 More Airports Begins Next Month

It’s Official: Nationwide Expansion of LAANC to 500 More Airports Begins Next Month

After 6 months of being the preferred UAS Service Supplier of digital airspace authorization in U.S. controlled airspace, we know what LAANC means for your drone business: access, safety, growth, and a future for the drone industry.

That’s why we’re thrilled to report that the FAA has officially announced the nationwide expansion of the LAANC program. Beginning in April, digital airspace authorization will be rolled out to nearly 300 air traffic control facilities representing approximately 500 airports across the United States, opening up to 78,000 miles of airspace for commercial drone operations.

Compared to the manual waiver process, which has 19 steps and takes up to 90 days to process, LAANC authorization to fly in controlled airspace is easy, digital, and available immediately. Authorization requests are submitted with a tap in the AirMap app and approved in seconds.

The expansion will begin in April, with the FAA releasing a new region each month.

  • April 30: South Central USA – LIVE!
    • AAO Colonel James
    • ABI Abilene Rgnl
    • ABQ Albuquerque Intl Sunport
    • ACT Waco Rgnl
    • ADS Addison
    • AFW Fort Worth Alliance
    • AMA Rick Husband Amarillo Intl
    • AUS Austin-Bergstrom Intl
    • BPT Jack Brooks Rgnl
    • BTR Baton Rouge Metro, Ryan Fld
    • BVO Bartlesville Muni
    • CDS Childress Muni
    • CNM Cavern City Air Trml
    • CNU Chanute Martin Johnson
    • CPS St Louis Downtown
    • CRP Corpus Christi Intl
    • DAL Dallas Love Fld
    • DDC Dodge City Rgnl
    • DFW Dallas-Fort Worth Intl
    • DHT Dalhart Muni
    • DMN Deming Muni
    • DUG Bisbee Douglas Intl
    • DVT Phoenix Deer Valley
    • DWH David Wayne Hooks Mem
    • ELD South Arkansas Rgnl At Goodwin Fld
    • ELP El Paso Intl
    • EMP Emporia Muni
    • EWK Newton-City-Co
    • FFZ Falcon Fld
    • FSM Fort Smith Rgnl
    • FTW Fort Worth Meacham Intl
    • GGG East Texas Rgnl
    • GPT Gulfport-Biloxi Intl
    • GUP Gallup Muni
    • HFJ Monett Rgnl
    • HOU William P Hobby
    • HYS Hays Rgnl
    • IAH George Bush Intcntl/Houston
    • ICT Wichita Dwight D Eisenhower National
    • INK Winkler Co
    • INW Winslow-Lindbergh Rgnl
    • IRK Kirksville Rgnl
    • LBB Lubbock Preston Smith Intl
    • LBL Liberal Mid-America Rgnl
    • LCH Lake Charles Rgnl
    • LFK Angelina Co
    • LFT Lafayette Rgnl/Paul Fournet Fld
    • LIT Bill and Hillary Clinton Natl/Adams Fld
    • LVS Las Vegas Muni
    • LWC Lawrence Muni
    • MAF Midland Intl Air and Space Port
    • MCB Mc Comb/Pike Co/John E Lewis Fld
    • MCI Kansas City Intl
    • MKC Charles B Wheeler Downtown
    • MLC Mc Alester Rgnl
    • MLU Monroe Rgnl
    • MOB Mobile Rgnl
    • MSY Louis Armstrong New Orleans Intl
    • MVN Mount Vernon
    • MWL Mineral Wells
    • NEW Lakefront
    • OKC Will Rogers World
    • PHX Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl
    • PIB Hattiesburg-Laurel Rgnl
    • PNC Ponca City Rgnl
    • PRC Ernest A Love Fld
    • PSX Palacios Muni
    • RKP Aransas Co
    • ROW Roswell Intl Air Center
    • RVS Richard Lloyd Jones Jr
    • SAT San Antonio Intl
    • SDL Scottsdale
    • SGF Springfield-Branson National
    • SHV Shreveport Rgnl
    • SPI Abraham Lincoln Capital
    • STL Lambert-St Louis Intl
    • SUS Spirit of St Louis
    • TCC Tucumcari Muni
    • TCS Truth Or Consequences Muni
    • TUL Tulsa Intl
    • TUS Tucson Intl
    • UIN Quincy Rgnl-Baldwin Fld
    • VBT Bentonville Muni/Louise M Thaden Fld
    • VIH Rolla National
  • May 24: Western North USA
  • June 21: Western South USA
  • July 19: Eastern South USA
  • August 16: Eastern North USA
  • September 13: Central North USA

Drone pilots near select airports in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas will be first to get started with LAANC authorization this spring. If you’re in another location, don’t worry! Your state isn’t far behind. The full rollout is expected to be completed by the fall.

You can request digital airspace authorization from the AirMap app, and from our deep linking partners 3DR, Betterview, ConvergeDroneDeploy, DroneUp, and Measure. (To integrate LAANC authorization from AirMap into your application, learn more here and visit to get started.)

For more on the program from the FAA, visit their website here. And to learn how AirMap makes digital airspace authorization capabilities available to remote pilots worldwide, visit


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