LAANC Digital Airspace Authorization Makes its Debut for Third Party Developers

In October, we launched digital airspace authorization in U.S. controlled airspace, available to anyone with AirMap’s iOS and Android apps. And now, some of your favorite partners from the AirMap developer community are offering automated airspace authorization with AirMap.

Part of the AirMap developer platform, our new deep linking feature helps other industry innovators bring LAANC, the Low-Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, to their users. In integrated apps, drone operators with an AirMap account can transfer their flight plan into the AirMap app with just a tap. Once you have submitted an authorization request, you are automatically redirected back to the original app to complete your flight. You’ll get your authorization via text message (and you can always check the AirMap flight briefing for the status of your request).

If you’re a drone operator, you can now get digital airspace authorization from 3DR, Betterview, Converge, and DroneDeploy, as well as the AirMap app. Digital authorization is making its way to DroneBase and Measure in February.

Any developer can start offering digital airspace authorization to their customers with LAANC Deep Linking today. Integration is quick and easy – just like requesting digital authorization! Visit to get started.

It’s the perfect time to integrate LAANC Deep Linking because the FAA is taking the program nationwide in 2018. Beginning in April, the LAANC prototype will expand into a national beta. By the end of the year, more than 500 towered airports across the United States will begin offering LAANC authorization.

With more airspace open for business in the U.S., the AirMap community will have more opportunities to build drone businesses and fly missions for real estate, insurance, inspections, construction, and more.


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