AirMap’s JobSight solution gives construction professionals unparalleled visibility into projects, allowing them to monitor progress, improve safety, reduce rework, and increase efficiency across their entire project life cycle. Thanks to a growing network of resellers, JobSight is now available throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

AirMap is excited to announce partnerships with the following resellers, who will extend JobSight access to their respective markets.

  • Heliguy
    Heliguy is a leading drone supplier specializing in repairs, research and development, and pilot training. It will provide JobSight to construction companies in the UK.
  • Escadrone
    Escadrone designs and distributes enterprise drones and trains operators in their use. Escadrone will extend JobSight access to construction firms in France and French-speaking territories.
  • Solectric GmbH
    Solectric GmbH offers drone hardware and software and camera equipment from various high-quality brand manufacturers. It will extend JobSight access to customers in Germany and Poland.
  • Hellenic Drones
    Hellenic Drones trains commercial drone pilots, conducts enterprise drone missions, and sells drone hardware and software. It will offer JobSight to construction firms in Greece.
  • Drone UA
    DroneUA offers unmanned solutions to enterprises in Ukraine, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. It will extend JobSight access to its customers across the region.

AirMap also recently partnered with FEDS, Aiviewgroup, and TMS Technologies to extend access to AirMap solutions in the Middle East, North Africa, Italy, and Taiwan.

If you are interested in working with a reseller in your region to access JobSight, contact and we will direct you to the appropriate partner.