Insights & Automation: the Power of JobSight Webinar

Drones are familiar tools in the construction industry. But while many construction companies use drones or a Drone Service Provider (DSP), they may not be getting the full benefits offered by drone automation workflow. Simply capturing videos or progress photos from various angles across construction sites isn’t enough: those captures do not always include the necessary context that allows data processing software to repeatedly deliver business insights at scale.

AirMap’s JobSight software can solve that. JobSight is an end-to-end drone operations and data automation solution that gives DSPs and construction professionals unparalleled visibility into construction projects. With JobSight, construction companies can monitor progress, improve safety, reduce rework, and increase efficiency across their entire project life cycle.

In this webinar, AirMap’s Director of Enterprise Sales Lamar Milstead, along with Paul Gromadzki, Director of Enterprise Solutions at DroneBase, and John Andres, Operations Technology Manager at ANDRES Construction Services, will demonstrate how JobSight delivers consistent insights to construction firms of all sizes. The webinar showcases JobSight’s unique data viewer and tools and reveals how construction firms that work with DSPs like DroneBase and firms with in-house drone programs can use JobSight to get the most out of their drone operations.


  • Drone inspections
  • Construction site visibility
  • Rework, safety, and business insights
  • JobSight software demonstration
  • JobSight data viewer

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23 June 2020

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