How Rakuten Mobile is Using TowerSight to Conduct Drone Inspections as it Rolls Out New Network

Rakuten Mobile, Japan’s newest mobile network operator, is building out the world’s first end-to-end fully virtualized mobile network. The network requires Rakuten Mobile to install tens of thousands of new base stations across Japan, which must be inspected after installation to validate compliance.

Manual inspections require workers to climb towers, take measurements by hand, and visually check each piece of equipment. This process is slow, dangerous and error-prone. Rakuten Mobile wanted to ensure that its inspections could be completed safely, accurately, and efficiently at scale. They decided to leverage drone technology and automation, and are now using AirMap’s TowerSight software to conduct drone inspections of new base station sites.

This case study explains how Rakuten Mobile leveraged TowerSight and ramped up its tower installations quickly, completing over one thousand inspections in just five months.


  • Base station inspections
  • Drone inspection workflow
  • Mobile Network Operator (MNO)
  • Rakuten Mobile
  • End-to-end fully virtualized mobile network
  • TowerSight
  • Drone technology

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Case Study


30 September 2020

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