Enabling BVLOS: How Enterprises Can Conduct Advanced Operations and Unlock High-Value Commercial Use Cases

BVLOS—the ability for drone operators to safely fly beyond their immediate line of sight and into surrounding areas—enables numerous high-value commercial use cases across multiple sectors, including long range inspections, drone delivery, and advanced air mobility.

While the benefits of BVLOS are clear, it’s not easy to conduct BVLOS missions. Most countries require commercial drone operators to apply for permission from their national airspace authority in order to conduct BVLOS flights. AirMap has extensive experience navigating the emerging UAS regulatory environment, working closely with airspace authorities around the globe, and enabling BVLOS through trials and technology solutions. We believe enterprises can unlock the benefits of BVLOS by taking a data-driven approach to conducting risk assessments and adopting software tools for risk mitigation and compliance. We recommend that enterprises follow the six steps detailed in this paper to successfully complete their BVLOS waiver applications so they can conduct high-value operations.


  • Commercial BVLOS
  • Drone Delivery
  • Long Range Inspection

  • Risk Assessment
  • Air Risk and Ground Risk
  • BVLOS Waiver
  • BVLOS Operations Plan

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17 December 2020

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