Insight & Automation: How Construction Companies Can Use Drones to Gain Critical Site Intelligence

The case for drones in construction is clear. Construction companies that use end-to-end automation solutions to manage their drone operations can gain unprecedented visibility into their construction sites. Routine drone captures enable companies to monitor their job sites from all angles, offering perspectives that were previously unavailable during standard site inspections on the ground. By automating flight paths and data management, construction companies can capture high-precision images and turn them into meaningful data types in the form of 360-degree panoramas, orthomosaics, and multi-angle image series. These images deliver valuable insights, allowing construction companies to spot and resolve issues quickly, reduce re-work, increase safety, and settle disputes.

In order to get maximum value from their drone operations, construction companies should seek out solutions that allow them to automate high-precision image capture and deploy smart data processing in order to generate insights. This whitepaper discusses how solutions like AirMap’s JobSight ensure airspace safety and compliance, are integrated with widely-used project management tools, and can be used by both construction companies and the Drone Service Providers (DSPs) that conduct drone missions on enterprises’ behalf. Using an integrated software platform like JobSight allows construction companies and DSPs to complete drone inspections safely and efficiently and gain insights at scale across their entire project portfolio.


  • Construction Site Intelligence

  • Aerial Inspection

  • High-precision Drone Capture

  • Re-work & Dispute Resolution

  • Construction Drone Program ROI

  • Drone Workflow Automation
  • Drone Service Providers (DSPs)
  • Procore Integration

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15 April 2020

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