As predicted, drone sales soared for the second year in a row this holiday season.

The FAA estimates that U.S. drone sales doubled from 1.7 million in 2015 to 2.5 million in 2016. Moreover, it estimated that 1 million of drones sold this year would find themselves under a Christmas tree waiting to be unwrapped.

With an estimated 40% of all drone sales earmarked for holiday gift-giving, it’s no wonder that AirMap saw a dramatic hike in traffic to match the holiday rush. As expected, Black Friday and Christmas Day were all about drones.

Calls to the AirMap platform Status API, which provides nearby airspace information, including advisories and notice requirements, more than doubled on Nov 25th, or Black Friday in the United States, and Dec 25th. Worldwide, new drone owners relied on AirMap to see if it was safe to fly, including Santa.

Furthermore, drones are here to stay. Month-over-month requests to the Status API forecast a trend line that matches the FAA’s predictions that drone sales will double again in 2017.

If you didn’t unwrap a drone this holiday, don’t despair. With over 23,000 drone pilot licenses now issued and over 600,000 drones registered in the United States alone, expect to see drones continue to take off.

Here’s to another exciting year of making drones part of everyday life, powered by AirMap.

Author Ran Harosh is a Dev Ops Engineer at AirMap. In addition to drones, he loves fowl and hamburgers.