Last summer, AirMap partnered with the Department of the Interior to deliver real-time information about the locations of wildfires to drone operators. Users of the AirMap platform and the DJI GEO geofencing system have used this information to plan safer routes and ensure that their flights won’t interfere with the efforts of firefighters and emergency responders – prohibited by law in most states.

Today, AirMap is launching another new data set to enhance situational awareness for drone pilots and safety for everyone: First Responder Activity. When this map layer is selected on AirMap’s apps for iOS, Android, and web, drone operators can see first responder activity from computer aided dispatch centers in more than 2,100 U.S. communities. This activity is indicated as an orange circle in the map view on the web app, and as an advisory on the AirMap mobile apps.

For the privacy and safety of first responders and others involved in these emergencies, the exact location or type of first responder activity does not appear on the map. Each area is 600 feet across, unless a larger region is affected. While AirMap ingests data about fires, electrical and gas hazards, medical emergencies, tornados, tsunamis, rescue operations, and more, these categories are not disclosed to users.

This latest addition to AirMap’s real-time airspace intelligence enhances situational awareness for drone operators so they can make the skies safer for all – including first responders and the people and communities they serve.

To see the feature in action, visit or download our mobile app on iOS or Android.