This week at the 2018 GUTMA Annual Conference, AirMap collaborated with ENAIRE, the official Air Navigation Service Provider for Spain, and everis, an international leader in aerospace and defense, to demonstrate an integrated ATM-UTM system in controlled airspace and urban environment.

During the demonstration, hosted by ENAIRE and everis, one everis drone and one DJI drone flew concurrently within shared airspace. Both drones were connected to the AirMap platform via open AirMap API integrations, which enabled real-time sharing of the drones’ telemetry data to publish to the AirMap platform.

AirMap reported the drones’ positioning information to ENAIRE’s air traffic management (ATM) system, which enabled real-time situational awareness of both manned and unmanned traffic on a common dashboard at ENAIRE’s ATM operations center.

AirMap facilitated the 2-way exchange of safety-critical information between the everis and DJI drones and the ENAIRE ATM system to provide a complete picture of ongoing operations in the airspace environment.

“Today we show an unprecedented integration of an air traffic control system and a UTM system to safely manage mixed traffic which will be critical in the deployment of U-space international airspace systems,” said María Luz de Mateo García, Business Development Director at ENAIRE.

The successful demonstration not only illustrates that UTM / U-space is available and adaptable to any airspace environment, but also delivers on AirMap’s mission of integrating drones safely and efficiently into existing airspace infrastructure.

AirMap UTM is an open platform made up of core services to forge a cooperative and fully integrated airspace system. AirMap UTM core services include e-registration and identification, geo-awareness in ever-changing airspace conditions, tools for manual and automated notification and authorization, and integrated traffic data for real-time alerts of manned and unmanned operations.

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