Earlier this month, we announced a collaboration with DroneInsurance.com to bring commercial operators in the United States streamlined, on-demand drone insurance within the AirMap for Drones mobile app. With DroneInsurance.com now seamlessly integrated within AirMap, remote pilots have access to a variety of insurance offerings to meet the needs of any drone mission.

Since that announcement, we’ve gotten a few questions from you, our dedicated community of pilots, about this new capability and how to benefit from it. So to help, we sat down with Jason Griswold from DroneInsurance.com to get you some answers.

AirMap: What is “on-demand” flight coverage?
Jason Griswold: It’s important to understand how traditional drone policies work, to understand how beneficial “on-demand” is. Traditional policies cover risks and liabilities associated with flights around-the-clock, whether you’re actually flying or not. This can mean that you’re paying for flight-related protection, even when you don’t need it. “On-demand” flight coverage, on the other hand, changes that. It allows you to insure against the flight risks you face, only when you face them– and paying for that coverage only when you need it. Once our customers set up a base policy with DroneInsurance.com, they can choose to insure a particular flight when they need to, for as short as a day, as long as a year, or somewhere in between–all within AirMap’s pre-flight planning workflow.

AirMap: Who needs on-demand flight coverage?
Jason Griswold: On-demand flight coverage can provide advantages to a wide array of operators. Are you a commercial operator that sometimes take jobs on short notice? Do you have periods where you have fewer active flights? If so, accessing DroneInsurance.com through the AirMap app in the US can help you easily and quickly meet your insurance needs—and your clients’ requirements—in a cost-effective manner, with all of the convenience of the normal, pre-flight workflow provided through the AirMap app.

AirMap: Is this insurance offering just for commercial users & flights?
Jason Griswold: The insurance offered through DroneInsurance.com was developed primarily to meet the business needs of commercial drone pilots. As a result, it generally requires (among other things) that flights be piloted by:

  1. Someone possessing a current and valid remote pilot in command certificate with a small Unmanned Aircraft System (“UAS”) rating issued pursuant to Subpart C of the FAA’s 14 C.F.R. Part 107 (a “Part 107 license”) that is either a scheduled pilot on the policy, or who is operating with the permission of a scheduled pilot;
  2. An individual under the direct supervision of such a pilot (where the Part 107 licensed pilot has the ability to take immediate control of the drone);
  3. A scheduled pilot with a current and valid approval to act as a pilot in command pursuant to a Section 333 exemption under the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012;
  4. A scheduled pilot with a current and valid approval to act as a pilot in command for a US federal, state, or local government office pursuant to a public Certificate of Waiver or Authorization; or
  5. A scheduled pilot not subject to the regulations of the US FAA that is in compliance with all applicable operational and safety regulations, orders, conditions, limitations, and any other requirements issued by the governing authority having jurisdiction over the pilot, flight, and drone.

For pilots that meet one of the above, coverage can extend to flights for Business Use or Private Pleasure, as defined in the Policy, subject to the policy’s terms and conditions.

AirMap: Where is DroneInsurance.com available?
Jason Griswold: Currently, DroneInsurance.com is available in the United States, except in New York, Kentucky, West Virginia, Illinois and Minnesota.

AirMap: If I purchase insurance through DroneInsurance.com and fly my drone overseas, am I still covered?
Jason Griswold: Subject to the policy’s terms and conditions, the insurance offered through DroneInsurance.com allows you to fly worldwide, except in the following countries or regions:

(a) Algeria, Burundi, Far North Region of Cameroon, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Nigeria, Somalia, The Republic of Sudan, South Sudan.
(b) Colombia, Peru.
(c) Afghanistan, Jammu & Kashmir, North Korea, Pakistan.
(d) Abkhazia, Donetsk & Lugansk regions of Ukraine, Nagorno-Karabakh, North Caucasian Federal District, South Ossetia.
(e) Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, North Sinai Province of Egypt (including Taba International Airport), Syria, Yemen.

However, flights over the excluded countries or regions outlined above are covered where the flight is within an internationally recognized air corridor and is performed in accordance with International Civil Aviation Organization (I.C.A.O.) recommendations. If you desire to fly in one of the excluded countries or regions, contact DroneInsurance.com (https://www.droneinsurance.com/contact-us/) for more information.

AirMap: What kind of coverages are available through DroneInsurance.com?
Jason Griswold: Operators can protect their business with liability coverage for their ground-based and flight operations, physical damage coverage for their drones, as well as coverage options for sensors and ground equipment. Visit DroneInsurance.com for more details!

***Insurance services are provided by Acend Insurance Solutions, LLC, through the excess and surplus lines markets. Coverage is subject to local law, policy terms, conditions and exclusions.***