As the drone industry evolves to serve new and high-value use cases, conformance monitoring and deconfliction remain critical enablers for expanded commercial and beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) drone operations.

Today, we’re excited to announce two safety-critical enhancements to our telemetry and traffic services on the AirMap Developer Platform for conformance monitoring and tactical deconfliction.

Enhance Tactical Deconfliction through Drone Traffic Awareness
AirMap has long-provided traffic alerts for manned aircraft near an operator’s flight path to help operators deconflict while in flight. The ability to deconflict from nearby air traffic is critical in ensuring airspace safety for all participants.

The AirMap Traffic Alerts API now includes traffic alerts for unmanned air traffic in addition to manned aircraft. Specifically, integrating the Traffic Alerts API into your application now adds real-time situational awareness for all nearby drones operating on the AirMap platform that have opted-in.

All existing integrations will begin receiving alerts for unmanned traffic without any further action. If you haven’t already enabled real-time traffic awareness in your applications, check out our tutorial on how to integrate the Traffic Alerts API.

View and Query Historical Telemetry Data for Past Operations
Increasingly, commercial drone operators must demonstrate conformance with airspace regulations, flight path, and specific operating procedures after a drone operation has been performed. Incident investigations often require formal audits of the aircraft, operator, and adherence to an authorized flight plan.

We’ve enhanced the AirMap Telemetry API with the ability to download past flight data for post-flight visualization and analysis. The telemetry archive enables the evaluation of flight conformance by persisting historical telemetry data for each flight in a queryable service.

For security and privacy reasons, developers will only have access to their own flight data. Learn how to query telemetry with this reference documentation.

For support with any of our developer APIs or services, please join our Developers Slack Channel or reach out to us at our developer support email.