You asked for it. We are delivering. AirMap gives commercial drone operators easy access to airspace authorization with LAANC.

We’ve partnered with the FAA on LAANC, the Low-Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability, to make authorization in controlled airspace simple, efficient, and secure.

In the U.S., Part 107 requires that remote pilots receive ATC authorization prior to operating in controlled airspace. Today, that authorization is administered through a waiver application process, which is labor-intensive, hard to scale, and can take up to 90 days.

Without at least 90-days’ notice, most jobs never get off the ground.

That’s a big deal. The top drone-friendly industries include real estate, construction, logistics, infrastructure, and public safety, all of which exist to serve populated areas. Not surprisingly, substantial portions of these areas exist in controlled airspace near the airports that serve them. Without a smarter airspace authorization solution in place, the United States economy is missing out the $127.3 billion global market value of the commercial drone sector.

But regulations aren’t the challenge to overcome. Instead, LAANC can unlock the commercial drone economy, opening the airspace for business.

LAANC is here with AirMap and the FAA UAS Facility Maps, where remote pilots can learn more about the controlled airspace in which they intend to operate and adjusting their flight plans to fit within those requirements, drastically minimizing the time it takes for FAA approval. And soon, LAANC will evolve into a digital process, with automated authorization on the AirMap platform.

Last week’s release of FAA UAS Facility Maps includes 103 new airports, bringing the total to 327 airports, covering over 60% of surface controlled airspace across the country. More importantly, 14 of the new airports are in Class B airspace in major metro areas, opening the skies for business.

Stay tuned as LAANC evolves as a UTM solution on the AirMap platform. For more information about how to bring LAANC to your business, contact us.