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AirMap is the future of airspace management.

We help customers thrive in the drone economy with the world’s most comprehensive suite of airspace intelligence.

Powerful, simple, affordable solutions that simplify missions.

We provide robust, intuitive, and cost-effective data, insights, platforms and apps to streamline missions and tasks.

Manage, protect, innovate.

Manage risk with data insights, protect your people and assets, and innovate new airspace products.

We’re building a complete airspace ecosystem.

AirMap uses precise data and deep insights to build powerful platforms and intuitive applications that change how the world uses airspace intelligence.

Manage your airspace

Airports, ANSPs, enterprises, governments, and other operators can manage and monitor all aspects of air traffic to save time and mitigate risks with easy-to-use but impressive and scalable platforms.

Protect lives and assets

Solutions for public safety and defense agencies that provide operators and traffic managers with the intel and insights they need to keep people and assets secure and complete missions safely.

Innovate new solutions

Developers and OEMs use our integrated suite of airspace data and APIs to create the latest applications and products that take advantage of the drone economy.

Deep data & insights

We integrate over a hundred data sources, including unique data generated by thousands of worldwide users, to deliver deep insights. These visualizations and analytics give you everything you need to understand the airspace around you.

Powerful UTM platforms

Powered by our data and insights, our robust UAS traffic management platforms simplify missions by providing complete situational awareness, with planning and visibility capabilities, automatic approvals, direct pilot communications, compliance tracking tools, and more.

Intuitive applications

Save time and simplify missions with our value-focused, simple but capable applications, accessible from any device, designed to suit a breadth of industry needs, including energy, infrastructure, telco, logistics, and more.

Making airspace intelligence available to everyone.

Enabling businesses with data, insights, platforms and apps to simplify missions, mitigate risks, operate safely, and innovate new products.

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