Commercial Drones Cleared for Takeoff

Commercial Drones Cleared for Takeoff

Yesterday, the FAA and DOT announced new regulations for commercial drone use in Part 107 of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Set to go in effect in August, the new rule will allow thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses to innovate exciting new ways to use drones. While rule allows for daytime operations within visual line-of-sight with limited external load operations, it is a big step towards a future in which we receive Amazon packages by drone.

AirMap co-founder Greg McNeal weighed in this morning on TODAY, with NBC’s Tom Costello reporting.

“This is the FAA doing something that they’ve really never done before, which is to create a permissive, progressive environment that makes it easy for people to be able to operate,” he said. “[Companies like Amazon] have to keep the pressure on the FAA, but there’s still hope for them to be able to have this dream of package delivery.”

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