Business & Solution Design: Developing Drone Integration Roadmaps with Airspace Authorities

Drone integration poses a host of considerations for regulators, ANSPs, and key stakeholders. How does a country create regulations around what drones can and can’t do, and how does it communicate them to law enforcement, enterprises, and the general public? What is the best way to manage drone operations in controlled airspace and urban and industrial areas? What technology solutions are available, and how can they be implemented in a sustainable way?

To fully answer these questions, airspace authorities should consider the entire drone ecosystem. Successful nationwide drone integration requires careful planning and thoughtful action. AirMap has developed deep expertise in providing airspace solutions to authorities and recommends using the framework detailed in this paper to develop a comprehensive roadmap for enabling the drone market at scale.


  • Market Assessment & Stakeholder Cooperation

  • Regulatory Analysis

  • Business Plan & Financial Model

  • Stakeholder Education

  • Concept of Operations (ConOps)

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2 December 2019

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