At AirMap, we’re making drones part of everyday life by building the infrastructure for low-altitude airspace management. Earlier this year, we launched our Digital Notice and Awareness System (D-NAS) pilot program with 50 U.S. airports. That number has since more than doubled. Over 100 U.S. airports now have situational awareness of drone flight notices within 5 miles of the airport boundary.

Today, we rolled out two exciting updates for D-NAS: 1. new base map styles, and 2. full user management capabilities.

Our new base map styles offer higher resolution, landmarks, and labeled points of interest down to individual building name. Change the map style directly from the D-NAS dashboard.

We’ve also rolled out full user management capabilities. Now, D-NAS administrators can give access to new users, assign fine-grain permissions to individual users, and create groups of common users.

We’re committed to constantly and incrementally adding capabilities to enable airspace safety. If you’d like to be a D-NAS partner, please visit