Anatomy of UTM and U-space: Participants, Services, and Architecture

To promote the safe and compliant use of drones, regulators and airspace stakeholders must implement new systems for evaluating and mitigating potential risks both on the ground and in the sky. Civil aviation authorities (CAAs) and air navigation service providers (ANSPs) need to reevaluate existing regulatory frameworks, technology systems, and service models to enable the safe and secure integration of drone operations with existing air traffic management (ATM) infrastructure.

This whitepaper discusses leading UTM frameworks, defines UTM participants, capabilities, and services, and provides a case study on the implementation of UTM for drone enablement in Switzerland.


  • What is UTM?
  • NASA-UTM & Technology Capability Levels
  • U-space & U-levels
  • UTM Participants and Roles
  • UTM Services and Applications
  • The AirMap UTM Platform
  • Case Study: Swiss U-space

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19 February 2019

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