AirMap Chief Information Security Officer Jared Ablon has been named 2017 CISO of the Year by the Los Angeles Business Journal for his accomplishments in cybersecurity for the drone industry.

“I am honored to receive this award and grateful for the L.A. Business Journal’s work in recognizing the importance of cybersecurity in drone technology,” said Ablon.

Los Angeles Business Journal’s annual Chief Technology Awards ceremony honors Chief Technology and Information professionals playing a vital role in making Los Angeles a hub for innovation.

Ablon is dedicated to the horizontal enablement of drone technology by developing scalable cybersecurity infrastructure and standards for the industry at large. He has published multiple whitepapers on sUAS Registration Protocol and Remote Identification Standards. He is also a frequent keynote speaker and panelist on matters relating to drones, cloud technologies, and data security.

Ablon brings over 13 years of experience in both offensive and defensive security to the front lines of drone security at AirMap. Prior to AirMap, he worked at MITRE Corporation, where he led efforts to ensure security of next generation GPS navigation systems and other communications technologies for multiple U.S. Air Force programs against some of the most sophisticated attacks.

He started his career at the U.S. Department of Defense where he led large teams of security experts and tackled nearly intractable problems by developing cutting-edge cryptanalysis, network exploitation, and vulnerability analysis security technologies.

Ablon also founded Passrock, which developed a commercial fraud prevention solution for businesses to mitigate the risk of stolen users’ accounts.

Congratulations to our Chief Information Security Officer, Jared Ablon! Thank you for your firm commitment and outstanding contributions to making drones part of everyday life.

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