What AirMap’s Series B Means for the AirMap Platform

It’s my pleasure to finally share the news that AirMap has completed a $26 million Series B funding round. As Ben and Greg announced earlier today, our Series B allows us to welcome a group of new partner investors to the AirMap family: Microsoft Ventures, Airbus Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, Rakuten, Sony, and Yuneec. And with our Series B complete, we’re fueled up for the next phase of our work – accelerating our global expansion, and continuing to advance the capabilities of our airspace management platform.

Today, AirMap’s platform is a hub for airspace intelligence, including nearby air traffic, temporary flight restrictions, weather, airspace regulations, and more. We’ve built a suite of solutions for Unmanned Traffic Management, remote identification, geofencing, and cybersecurity. And every day, our team works to make the AirMap platform smarter, richer, and more impactful.

You may remember that when I joined AirMap, I wrote about how the autonomous drones of the future would need a new kind of map: a map that is a dynamic, digital abstraction of reality and different for every flight, adapting with the context of each operation.

That map, a map for “things” in addition to people, is a critical part of our vision for AirMap. We imagine a flexible, self-healing platform, capable of processing a tremendous amount of data about the current state of the airspace, and delivering a response that is computed and tailored to each specific flight in real time. We call this concept computational airspace, and we think it represents an important part of the future of the entire drone ecosystem.

Already, AirMap’s airspace intelligence is growing exponentially. Soon, a constant stream of data will allow us to make precise observations and choose the most optimum route without ever using our own sight to understand the flight environment. And not long after, we won’t make those decisions at all, as autonomous drones take flight and begin thinking for themselves.

As we continue our efforts to source the data and build the capabilities required to deliver computational airspace, we make the following commitments to AirMap’s community of drone manufacturers, developers, operators, and airspace stakeholders.

We will never cease striving for safety and security. We will continue to pursue a collaborative future for the drone ecosystem, in which the AirMap platform powers innovation throughout the industry. And we will lay the groundwork for millions of drones fly billions of flights to benefit our everyday lives.

I am looking forward to a 2017 of growth and innovation, as we open more airspace, expand the reach and capabilities of the AirMap platform, and demonstrate the incredible benefits of drones to the public – while delivering the outstanding products, services, and safety AirMap is known for.

AirMap is ready for takeoff. Let’s get to work.

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