Developers and drone manufacturers (OEM) everywhere can now easily access and consume mission-critical UTM services to power safe drone operations at scale.

Today at InterDrone we announced the open-source version of the AirMap Platform SDK that is compatible with the Dronecode project by Linux Foundation and can be built into the QGroundControl code base used by developers and OEMs across the industry.

With the AirMap Platform SDK pre-integrated into QGroundControl, developers can readily access and consume mission-critical UAS Traffic Management (UTM) services, including advisories, pilot authentication, flight planning, compliance briefings, real-time traffic alerts and an alpha release of airspace maps efficiently and securely, with very little development work required. With AirMap UTM services, connected drones can share live flight positions to the AirMap platform for real-time feedback about the airspace environment for enhanced situational awareness.

The AirMap Platform SDK is an open-source C++ cross-platform SDK that supports a variety of platforms including iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows, and Linux. The AirMap Platform SDK is also compatible with the Dronecode platform, including Px4 Pro and Mavlink, the industry’s open-source protocol for communicating with small UAS.

“The goal of the Dronecode project is to deliver a complete end-to-end open source solution that is well-integrated, well-tested, and industry-trusted for the Drone industry,” said Chris Anderson, chairman of the Dronecode project. “AirMap’s Dronecode-compatible SDK provides the Dronecode community through QGroundControl with industry-leading UTM services.”

Oklahoma State University’s Unmanned Systems Research Institute recently adopted the open source AirMap Platform SDK in their GCS to access UTM services in support of operations for Choctaw Nation’s UAS Integration Pilot Program.

Feral hogs cost Oklahoma farmers an estimated $2 billion annually in crop damage and water pollution. Manually maintaining hog traps costs time and money, not to mention the safety risks to farmers. Drones provide a viable alternative by dropping dried corn from above into hog traps across Oklahoma. UTM services are critical in maintaining situational awareness in beyond visual line-of-sight operations.

“Having QGroundControl pre-integrated with AirMap’s Platform SDK allows us to enhance the safety and efficiency of our operations with core UTM capabilities,” said Dr. Jamey Jacob, Director of Unmanned Systems Research Institute. “Open-source code is important to efficient, secure, and transparent development, and the Dronecode project makes it easy to build and scale our drone program.”

Over one thousands drone hardware and software developers utilize the AirMap Platform SDK to support safer and more efficient commercial drone operations through AirMap’s industry-leading UTM services. AirMap believes in making it easy for developers to integrate UTM services and capabilities into their applications to support safe, smart, and compliant drone operations at scale.

The AirMap Platform SDK is available on GitHub here. To access the new QGroundControl integration with the AirMap Platform SDK, visit here.

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