The state of Kansas is now powered by AirMap.

Today, we announced that we’re partnering with the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) to deploy the AirMap platform across the state. Our goal: to open more airspace for drone operations, support Kansas’ growing community of drone operators, and ensure that the skies are safer for all.

As the drone ecosystem takes off, commercial drone operations will make tremendous contributions worldwide. In Kansas, drones will be mobilized for disaster recovery, search-and-rescue, agriculture, construction, package delivery, and more. Already, the state is home to a thriving community of commercial drone operators, and forward-thinking Kansas agencies, like the Department of Transportation, are putting drones to work for infrastructure inspections and other public use cases. This new, first-of-its-kind collaboration will support the state’s ongoing efforts to welcome drones in safe, secure, and efficient ways.

As part of our partnership, we’re making the AirMap platform available to airports, state colleges and universities, and government agencies and entities across Kansas. We’ll make it easy for drone operators to access airspace information and connect digitally with airports that require notice of their flights. We’ll help the state of Kansas share data, such as first responder activity, with Kansas drone operators to support their situational awareness and flight planning. And we’ll give learning institutions and their students and faculty tools they can use to discover new drone use cases.

Together, we’ll pave the way for a safe and successful future for all who live, work, and fly in Kansas. As Bob Brock, Director of Unmanned Aircraft Systems at KDOT, says: “Kansas is open for business.”

Learn more about our partnership here.