In this week’s episode of Click on BBC World News, the team crosses the pond to reveal how the US is leading the way in custom UAS traffic management projects with AirMap’s Digital Notice and Awareness System (D-NAS) at Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) and NASA’s Ames research.

AirMap’s Digital Notice and Awareness System (D-NAS) delivers an easy, accurate, and secure way for drone operators around the world to give prior notice of their flights to airports and other airspace stakeholders.<

D-NAS works by letting drone operators view airspace rules and regulations on AirMap, create a flight and submit digital notice directly from the AirMap app or other AirMap-integrated drone software (like the DJI app you’d use to fly your DJI Phantom). This digital notice collects safety-critical information like name of operator, FAA registration number, contact information, location and altitude and radius of flight, etc. and sends it to the airport. The airport receives and manages this information in the D-NAS dashboard and can contact the drone operator directly should safety conditions change.

Prior to D-NAS, airports or other airspace stakeholders did not have tools by which to collect and manage this information in a way that makes sense to both airports and drone operators: digital, accurate, secure, trustworthy, and hassle-free.

AirMap helps make drones a part of everyday life by building the airspace management system of the future. In other words, we’re building the infrastructure for low-altitude airspace to support billions of recreational and commercial flights by millions of drones. This infrastructure includes APIs for drone manufacturers and software developers, situational awareness tools for airspace stakeholders like airports or air navigation service providers (ANSP), and airspace intelligence for recreational and commercial drone operators worldwide through our mobile app.