Crucial Component for Safe Drone Operation

Accurate and actionable GPS information is the crucial component for safe drone operation. A recent Wired article unpacks why drones need integrated accurate and available low-altitude airspace data in order for safety features, such as geofencing, to work properly.

According to the article, “AirMap’s key strength is the breadth and timeliness of the information it delivers. Along with permanent flight restrictions and international airspace information, it can keep a drone equipped with temporary flight restrictions and no-fly zones that are less well documented.

This ensures both consumer drone operators know where it’s safe to fly and also professional drone operators can fly authorized drones in restricted areas.

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For pro-tips on flying recreational drones safely, check out Ben’s post from last summer. Our app helps drone operators know where and when they can safely and compliantly fly drones. And if you haven’t yet, be sure to register your drone!

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