The AirMap platform now includes three new drawing tools for more flexible flight plans: area, path, and point. Available on the AirMap for Drones mobile applications for iOS and Android, the new tools will help drone operators create more detailed flight plans, improve their understanding of airspace conditions in their intended flight area, and provide more accurate digital notices to airports and airspace stakeholders.

All three tools are easy-to-use, creating even complex flight plans with simple, intuitive gestures. Simply tap the hand icon and start to draw.

gfx-blog-flight-creation-tools-area-flight-65pxArea Tool
Draw custom boundaries around your intended flight area. Need to fine-tune your flight plan? Drag to move any point or create a new one.

gfx-blog-flight-creation-tools-path-flight-65pxPath Tool
Plot your flight path with complete flexibility. Use the slide to select the width of your line.

gfx-blog-flight-creation-tools-point-flight-65pxPoint Tool
Place a point on the map and increase and decrease the radius of the flight area in an instant. Simply drag the point to adjust or move where you plan to fly.

With each of these flight creation tools, AirMap automatically alerts you to airspace requirements and advisories in your custom flight area, enabling quick and easy adjustments to your flight plan before takeoff.