At AirMap, we’re making drones part of everyday life by building the airspace management platform of the future. But what exactly does the future look like? Drones are already saving lives, creating new jobs, and delivering enormous economic potential —and we are just at the beginning.

In the near future, millions of drones will operate billions of flights in low-altitude airspace below 400 ft. In fact, many of the operations will take place below 200 ft., alongside fixed obstacles like power lines, rooftops, and trees, as well as temporary obstacles like nearby manned and unmanned traffic and even people. In order for drones to fulfill their potential of delivering value to people in their everyday lives, drones need data to plan efficient flights and make smart decisions in real time.

To fly safely and efficiently, drones need to know where certain airspace should be avoided and when. This includes controlled airspace, wildfires, changes in local weather, or temporary flight restrictions for when a local event is taking place, like a professional sports game or community parade.

Of course, one of the most critical pieces of data drones need is the location of nearby aircraft, including airplanes, helicopters, and other drones. AirMap’s real-time traffic alerts automatically notify drone operators when manned aircraft trajectories create a potential hazard for the drone’s area of operation.

As we get closer to beyond visual line-of-sight operations, AirMap’s robust and hyperlocal micro-data will be absolutely critical to the flight planning process for commercial drones for both route optimization and airspace safety. With AirMap’s accurate and reliable airspace services, drones will soon be able to make data-driven decisions in real time and fly beyond the visual line of sight of their operators —or without an operator at all.

In the infographic below, we’ve mapped out a delivery drone’s BVLOS path from the warehouse to AirMap HQ to show how AirMap has laid the groundwork for safe, efficient, and intelligent drone flight.