3DR Collaborates with AirMap to Integrate Flight Safety Zone Software into the Solo App

By Roger Sollenberger | 3DR

3DR, North America’s largest drone manufacturer, has collaborated with AirMap to put accurate and automatically updated in-app flight safety zone information at the fingertips of all 3DR Solo® users.

Nov. 16, Berkeley, CA – Today 3DR announced a first-of-its-kind partnership with AirMap, a company that provides flight zone information for drone users and RC pilots around the world. 3DR will integrate AirMap’s safety information software into its Solo smart drone app in anticipation of the coming holiday season. It’s the first time that drone software has been able to directly deliver reliable safety information to users.

For the full story from 3DR please visit https://3drobotics.com/3dr-collaborates-with-airmap-to-integrate-flight-safety-zone-software-into-the-solo-app/

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